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2019 Bear Harvest Report

It is important you complete this report even if you did not hunt or harvest a bear this year. As you fill out this report, your answers will be used to prepare the next question asked. Thus, it's important to provide complete answers before moving to the next question. Before beginning the survey, you should know the dates and locations you hunted. Report only your hunting activities, and report only taking a bear if your kill tag was attached to it. If you leave the survey before completing the entire survey, your answers will not be saved. You will still be able to go back to the survey and start over, but your previous responses will be lost. This information is requested under authority of Part 435, 1994 PA 451, Michigan Compiled Laws 324.43539.

To start, enter the Michigan Driver's License or Sportcard ID you used to buy your hunting license and press Submit. Spaces and dashes should be excluded when entering your ID.

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